Miranda Historical Society

The Miranda Historical Society (MHS) was established in 1986 to provide a forum for collectors and to collect and discuss information concerning all aspects of these cameras. Although the actual MHS newsletter has not been produced since 1993, this site is also a point of focus and includes detailed articles and research as well as basic information. This section is reserved for MHS members and includes detailed research articles, discussions, and later, reprints of some of the original MHS Newsletter articles.

The Miranda Historical Society has been re-established centred around this web site. The original founder of MHS, Mr. Tom Surovek,  tomsurovek@aol.com is supporting our efforts. We are also pleased to welcome Dr. Adam Geschwind from Australia, Dr. Geoff Felton from California, who along with Tom have a long involvement with Miranda cameras and the original MHS run by Tom.

For questions relating to your membership of the MHS,  please email Juergen at Juergen.Kronenberg@web.de  



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10 Feb 2003
  • Long overdue updates
  • Member tribute and collection FS
  • T shutter discussion
  • New members & email adjustments,
  • New members added
  • Tii and image refs page added
  • New member, email adjustment
  • More new members, email adjustments
  • New members  added
  • Sensoret article added
  • 50mm lens table added
  • Y2K membership details
  • Serial number table and estimate of early model production numbers
  • Sensorex variation tables
  • Tom Surovek's discussion on Model T variants and production
  • Reference page started with two small
    service diagrams
  • This page and directories established for MHS members in Europe.
  • Initial articles on AiC in Germany, 50mm lenses