Miranda Site Update History

6/5/03 Added EC lenses page, Cadius II images and IB pages in JPG format
6/4/03 Added extra Automex I lens pictures, Cadius II meter
5/16/03 Rehosted, MHS not yet available with restricted access pages
14/9/02 Revised site format with several new pages including IBs
11/9/01 Major new Miranda collection available through "for sale" page
10/29/01 Member and email updates
10/6/01 Hiroki's Japanese MIRANDA link updated and other links added
Advertisements updated, new RE outfit for sale
MHS member adjustments and tribute, including collection for sale to members
11/7/00 Member updates,  new outfit advertisement, new link to Japanese MIRANDA site
8/22/00 New links and another 625/675 battery supplier
8/8/00 Members, email changes, forsale(wanted), battery options, "MIRANDA" from Dixons UK
7/30/00 New member added within MHS section; "forsale" modified (outfit sold :-)
7/18/00 New members added within MHS section
6/6/00 Restructured "Collectible" to include Laborecs, model variations, etc..
New link for Instruction Booklets and Workshop Manuals
5/26/00 Extended Black Camera images
Additional MHS articles and tables
5/22/00 Sensoret Model page added
5/19/00 Added links to be part of  "The Camera Collecting Ring"
Orion/Miranda T model page started
Sensorex model page started
4/29/00 New Y2K MHS invitation available
Added new MHS reference articles and meeting notes
Direct link added to Model Ranges article for PCCGB
4/20/00 Viewfinder repair page added, 'service' folder re-organized
3/14/00 Automex 1  and II page added
Lens page added for Automex I and II
Lens index page upgraded
Advertisements and links updated
Battery page updated - source for 625 batteries !
2/20/00 Sensorex EE page and E lenses page added to Model list
7/21/99 New Sensorex II outfit for sale
7/20/99 MHS Membership Entry extended to the end of summer (Aug 31st)
6/13/99 MHS Introduction Letter available for downloading.
Article on different model ranges added to "Miranda Starter Page"
Additions to "Collectibles" and "Black Mirandas"
5/20/99 email address for Tom Surovek corrected (and again on 6/13)
4/15/99 Sensorex outfit advertisement added
4/11/99 Internal restructuring of directories, I hope it's easier to follow.
Additional dx-3 accessories, extra model list photos including MS-1
Selected new links.
3/28/99 MHS separate members section started - also some restructuring
2/15/99 Black Mirandas page started
1/15/99 Additions to Really Nice Collectibles page
Macro page, added third type of macro lens, extra short mount illustrations
Focabell page, minor product errors corrected, extra illustrations added
Additional Soligor preset lenses added, but no real structure arranged as yet
50mm lenses, more illustrations added
Started "References", added 50mm lens pictures, another link
1/3/99 Added RH top plate pictures to Starter Page; more Macro lens photos,
   draft detail page for dx-3, more 50mm lens illustrations
12/22/98 Focabell (bellows) page started. Cadius meter batteries,Mirax LABOREC picture.
11/23/98 Lens pages started (50mm, Soligor, Macro); Mirax pictures
Links & advertisement pages added, plus "Pictures & Quiz" for points of interest.
Added to Model List, illustrations for Pallas TM and original Mirax Laborec
8/9/98 "Starter" page added (short table for quick identification) plus updates to FAQ and Battery
8/6/98 FAQ list added, corrections to Battery List
8/2/98 Report from MIRANDA meeting in Southern Germany, Battery list added
7/5/98 Updates to Model Information Table
4/24/98 Site started with Model Information only