Miranda Camera Instruction Books Printed and On-Line
As so many folks need instruction books, we are gradually scanning a summary of pages for each model. This project, unfortunately, has been on the backburner for quite awhile, due to time constraints and moving at the same time. We have also prepared complete quality enlarged photocopies of many of the popular model booklets, which will be available again when we manage to unpack everything later in 2004. 

The first book actually here is actually a Dixons 'Miranda' branded flash, the 700CD, which many people have asked about. Definitely non-purist, for which I apologize to the serious collectors... I'll be loading more of the real Miranda ones as soon as possible. 

Next is a complete instruction book for the Sensomat RE, a straightforward SLR with stop-down TTL metering. The body is very similar to the F, Fv, and even G models, so basic operations for these models can  be found in this booklet. Look also at the battery page for information on alternative batteries for this model. 



Dixons 'Miranda' 700CD multi-dedicated flash gun Model C Automex
  Model DR Sensorex
  Model F Sensorex II
  Model G Sensorex EE
  Sensomat dx-3
  Sensomat RE RE-II
  Soligor TM Laborec