Miranda Sensomat RE

The Sensomat RE is a straightforward SLR with 'stop down' metering through the camera lens. The meter is operated by a single button on the front of the camera near the lens. All lenses can be used with this camera. The mechanical operations apart from the metering are virtually identical to the model F and Fv, which do not have internal metering. 

I'm offering the pages here for information only, without warranty for purpose or responsibility for errors in use. You do need to read these pages thoroughly, and if you have questions, I suggest consulting with a photographer familiar with these older cameras. Never force anything.

The battery for the Sensomat RE is the obsolete 675 type; you can use the newer SR44 type, however, read carefully the page on batteries first. I haven't personally heard of a Miranda being affected by using the newer 1.5v types, but there is no warranty  or responsibility accepted for readers trying to use these later batteries.

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