Miranda Camera References
As far as I know, there is still no definitive book on the history and products of MIRANDA CAMERA CO, although several of the serious collectors have been preparing material for some time. The books below are contemporary to the Miranda, best found in Half Price Books or other used stock stores. Sometimes these books come up for sale on www.ebay.com, too.

There are also magazine articles, but I have not yet started a comprehensive list of these. If you can read Dutch, the initial article listed offers a good historical overview of the models and major accessories. Contributions and additions to this list are, of course, most welcome.

For service manuals, a number of these are available as copies through Oldtimer Cameras in the UK. I'll list and comment on the ones I know about..

Contemporary Reference Books

"OFFICIAL MIRANDA MANUAL", Amphoto Editorial Board, Amphoto, New York 1961
"THE OFFICIAL MIRANDA MANUAL", Gerry Dantzic, Amphoto, New York 1966
"NEW MIRANDA EYE-LEVEL REFLEX GUIDE", Kenneth S. Tydings, Chilton Company, New York 1962
Magazine Articles

"Miranda Story", CAMERA Magazine, Nr. 2 apr./mei 1995
Service Manuals

Sensorex EE - comprehensive book, some of the parts diagrams and assembly are not terribly clear
Sensomat - IMHO the best generic Miranda manual, with good troubleshooting sections and usually clear illustrations
F - exploded diagram - useful mainly for parts identification