Miranda Website Links

Friends and folks who know about or sell Mirandas, and fascinating reference sites for other classics.

Historical and Collector Commercial/Dealer
Hiroki Yamashita has established a combination Japanese/English site on Miranda cameras and early history, valuable to those of us with historical interest and from a Japanese viewpoint. Contact Hiroki at mirandia@246.ne.jp
For photographic literature,  John Craig has a large and well organized site with manuals for many cameras, including many Mirandas.
Stephen Gandy's Orion page; detailed discussion and beautiful images of the first Miranda.
Another source for manuals;  RE-II, dx-3, Automex, F and Sensoret, available at February 2003.
Abdon has built an easy-to-read, informative resource site tabling Miranda models, other makes, and lots of fascinating information.
Specialist site with many, many replacements for old types of batteries, all Miranda types are covered here.
This site represents the significant and well known photo collector magazine, PhotoDeal of West Germany. Email to Mr. Rudolf Hillebrande: hillebrand@photodeal.ne.eunet.de
Doug Clifford at ACE runs a very well comprehensive site. His bulletin board is eclectic for enthusiasts and Doug provides careful and prompt answers.
Fred Krughoff's comprehensive site for the Nikon Historical Society also hides a closet liking for Miranda T's ...
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Doug's list of over 50 selected collectible photographic dealers:-)
A site for Topcon SLR's and the fabled Rectaflex, by one of the foremost historians and authors of this marque.
Jim McKeouwn's famous "Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras"  is now supported by a web site. The general introduction on collecting is particularly interesting. 
Fred and Stephanie offer a neat little collector site, with their thoughts on particular interesting and unusual items to read about. They are also active members of PCCGB.
Richard Webster at richardw@itsbeenstolen.com
Specializing in lists and serial numbers of stolen photographic equipment.

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