Miranda Model Quick ID Chart

Model Range


Group Identification Features  
Early Knob Winders:
Orion T
Miranda T, TII
Miranda S, ST


Wind system is a tall knob on the right hand side. First model has "Orion Camera Co." on the face plate, over the lens Orion5.jpg (27279 bytes)
First Lever Winders:
Miranda A, AII, B, C
Miranda D, DR


Lever film wind, several types
Shutter dial rotates on winding and release
C_1.jpg (29510 bytes)
Non-Meter Lever Wind:
Miranda F, FM, Fv, FvT
Miranda G, GT


Standard lever wind
Shutter dial now stays steady during wind and release.
Various accessory meters and prism meters
Image17.jpg (25422 bytes)
Sensomat Range:
Sensomat RE
Sensomat RS
Sensomat TM

Most models have stop down type TTL metering built in: 
Very similar cosmetically to the models F and G above. Last model RE-II uses final range of EE and EC lenses
 Smat_fr_thqtr.jpg (17449 bytes)
M42 Thread Mounts:
Miranda TM
Soligor TM
Pallas TM, TM-II
1969-74 Based on the Sensomat models but using the very common M42 (Pentax) thread mount instead of the unique Miranda mount SoligorTM_front_BW.jpg (83535 bytes)
Automex I, II, III
Sensorex, C, II
 1960-72  Bigger cameras, with shutter speed dial on top of wind lever, external or TTL metering Sensx_bw4.jpg (38657 bytes)
Automatic SLR Models:
Sensorex EE, EE-2
 1972-77 Automatic versions of last Sensorex model, use EE/EC  Image19.jpg (31205 bytes)
Compact SLR:
 1975-76 Small SLR, fixed pentaprism, uses EC lenses Image18.jpg (43880 bytes)
Auto Compact RF:
Sensoret, Miranda or Soligor branded
 1971-75 Compact automatic rangefinder camera Sensoret_chr_fr.jpg (7837 bytes)
Scientific Models:
Mirax Laborec, II
Miranda Laborec, III,
1965-75 Special models for laboratory or astro work,  large knob winders Image20.jpg (23591 bytes)
Cosina Dixons:
MS-2, MS-2 Super
1986-92 NOT made by Miranda Camera Co. at all. These are Cosina SLRs badged for Dixons UK, and use Pentax K lenses ms1_body_front_thqtr.jpg (22388 bytes)

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