Soligor T2 Lenses

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(I have separated it from the page on the early Soligor-Miranda lenses and generic Soligor lenses.)
Later preset Soligors of the late 1960's and early 1970's were sold as economy T2 lenses for all cameras and offered with Miranda cameras of the period. I've found them often with F or Sensomat outfits, for example.

The T2 lens mount is common to many suppliers. It provides a non-automatic screw mount of 42mm x 0.75mm pitch on the lens, and a wide range of camera mounts on the camera side of the adaptor. I'm not sure of the standardization date for this mount (in the late 1950's probably, from catalogs) but this was the most universal mount system between most of the independent lens suppliers ever found.

Soligor introduced several ranges of T2 lenses, at first rather different from the Soligor Miranda lenses.

For the Miranda enthusiast, the connection to the genuine camera lenses is apparent. Look at the physical characteristics and finish; soft chrome aperture ring with a tab on each side; scalloped metal focussing ring.
I've shown some typical examples below; including 28mm, 105mm, 200mm; also two later pairs of 35mm and 135mm  lenses, one without the 'tabbed' aperture ring, and one of the early M-prefix 'tabbed' lenses.

28_28_Sol_ears.jpg (43841 bytes) 105_28_Sol_ears.jpg (58815 bytes) 200_45_Sol_ears.jpg (47211 bytes) 35_35_Sol_late_presets.jpg (66432 bytes) 135_35_Sol_later_presets.jpg (62328 bytes)
28mm f2.8 105mm f2.8 250mm f4.5 35mm f2.8 135mm f3.5