Macro and Short Mount Lenses

This page is dedicated to the specialist close up lenses produced for Miranda cameras.

Miranda made three distinct macro lenses for their standard mount cameras, and one for the Mirax with its special bayonet mount.

Firstly, the Macron 52mm f2.8, five elements, bayonet mount. Preset diaphragm, standard Miranda mount. This lens could focus from infinity to 1:1 without any accessories.

This first lens was also the standard lens (and the only lens) available for the Miranda Mirax laboratory camera, and came with the special mount for this instrument.

52mm Macron, fully extended macron_52.jpg (24232 bytes)          52_28_Macron_closed_LH_thqtr.jpg (29180 bytes) ... and fully closed

The second macro was a  55mm f3.5, also with an automatic diaphragm mechanism. Although marked as being for the EE cameras, the only aperture coupling is the addition of a maximum aperture pin, which allows the use of the TTL meter at full aperture in the Sensorex EE camera. The exposure reading shown in the viewfinder can be set directly on the lens. This lens also focussed to 1:1 without further accessories.
   55_35_Macron_front_thqtr_open.jpg (15923 bytes)       55_35_Macron_front_thqtr_closed.jpg (10759 bytes)

The third and last macro lens was also a 55mm f3.5, type EC, with an automatic diaphragm mechanism and aperture coupling for the EE and dx-3 models. This was much more compact, lighter lens with only one helical instead of the elaborate double helicals of the previous models.  The lens was more conventional, following the conventions by other makers. It focussed to 1:2 by itself, and 1:1 with a special extension tube. This particular lens is shown with the extension tube attached.

55_35_EC_Macron_1531208_fr_thqtr.jpg (41011 bytes)

Miranda also provided several versions of  a short mount 135mm Soligor-Miranda lenses for the Focabell bellows. These were well regarded optically in their day, and worked particularly well with the interchangeable finders of the Miranda to provide a top quality technical camera. Three variants are shown below, identifed by changes in the mechanism for closing the preset aperture, as well as slightly different physical construction.
135_35_shrt_mt.jpg (11083 bytes)  Serial number to be confirmed :-(

135_35_short_35235.jpg (27126 bytes)  135_35_short_H72833.jpg (35150 bytes)

        Serial No. 32235, full dual aperture rings                       Serial No. H72833, one set of  numbers only

The most sought after Miranda bellows lens is the original "Supreme" 105mm f3.5 lens, made for the original Orion version of the Focabel. This lens could be obtained also in a focussing mount which fitting the Mirax housing and provided correct focussing to infinity when mounted on a camera. Both are rather rare.

Supreme_105_side.jpg (49015 bytes)

Images at right show how this historical lens appears as mounted on the original bellows, and as part of the entire Mirax system outfit.

Supreme+bellows.jpg (57056 bytes)    Supreme+outfit.jpg (35733 bytes)