Lenses for Sensorex EE

The first set of automatic lenses for Miranda Sensorex EE


For the Sensorex EE in 1971, Miranda introduced a new range of lenses with two additional internal coupling mechanisms. The external arm of the Sensorex range of lenses was dropped. The actual diaphragm actuating lever from the Sensorex was unchanged. A separate stopdown preview lever was incorporated in all these lenses.

You can easily identify these lenses by the red letter "E" on the front trim ring, and the red "EE" position after the smallest aperture on the aperture selection dial. This is the normal operating position for use with Sensorex EE and EE-2. Warning - do not use these lenses in the EE position on the RE-II or dx-3 cameras, as they do not have automatic systems and I have seen warnings in the handbooks for these cameras not to set the lenses to this position. My experience with the metering systems for these cameras confirms this, the aperture reading cams are somewhat too delicate and I would avoid stretching their range by setting the lens to the EE position.

Miranda followed these excellent lenses with a smaller, redesigned set of "EC" lenses for the dx-3, which also served the EE-2 and RE-II. Operationally, these are identical and work just as well on the original Sensorex EE.   The automatic position is marked on the aperture ring by a black triangle instead of the "EE" marking.

Note that Soligor C/D lenses were offered in EC mount for some years after the demise of new cameras, in various models. They offer good performance for the time (and are still very acceptable today) at reasonable prices, when you can find them. The 28mm and 80-210mm zoom are the most frequently available.

On all the E and EC lenses (the E in particular) watch that the maximum aperture pin on the back has not been bent on its soft cover plate mount. It is easily fixed if found thus, but may cause exposure errors if not correct.

The table below shows the original Sensorex EE lenses type "E" from the handbook.


Lens Groups/
Focus (m)
Size (mm)
25mm f2.8 7/8 0.25 52mm 60x59 300  
28mm f2.8 6/8 0.25 52mm 54x59 273  
35mm f2.8 5/6 0.30 52mm 48x59 222 (2 sizes observed)
50mm f1.8 4/6 0.43 52mm 47x59 275  
50mm f1.4 5/7 0.43 52mm 55x63 345  
105mm f2.8 5/5 1.2 52mm 69x59 340  
135mm f3.5 3/4 1.5 52mm 95x60 435  
135mm f2.8 5/5 1.5 55mm 96x65 500  
180mm f3.5 4/4 2.3 58mm 143x69 728  
200mm f3.5 5/6 3.0 62mm 150x70 760