Miranda Camera FAQs (more)

What is the "Miranda MS-1" and what relationship is there to the original Miranda Camera Co.?
This is a basic 80's K-mount camera, presumably manufactured by Cosina but sold confusingly under other brand names, including some well known from earlier times. There were multiple versions with small modifications.  The revival of these names, such as Exakta and Miranda, was the work of marketing companies, primarily in Germany. In the UK in particular, the Dixons chain marketed the Miranda version along with a whole slew of lenses, flashes and other accessories similarly branded. Some of the different names used for the same camera: Petri GX-1, Soligor SC-1, Hanimex DR-1, Miranda MS-1, Exakta HS-1, Cosina CT-1G. 

This camera and its stablemate the aperture-priority MS-3 have nothing to do with the original Miranda Camera Co. and lenses sold as "Miranda" cannot fit any of the original Miranda cameras or vice versa.

The camera itself has a compact body with small hand grip. Shutter: Metal Copal , from 1 to 1/1000 sec+ B; X sync@ 1/125 sec. Exposure Control: match-LEDs at full aperture. Meter: TTL CdS cells (2) for center-weighted reading; ASA 25-1600. Mount: Interchangeable Pentax K bayonet. Film Advance: Single stroke lever. Battery: Two 1.5v silver oxide. Hot shoe. Price Category when new $315.00.

What accessories are available to provide viewfinder correction to Mirandas?
For the earlier removeable pentaprisms, there are several options. Miranda offered screw-in mounts for prescription correction lenses; the type "A" where orientation was not important, and type "B" for those with anastigmatism to correct. A few fixed dioptre screw in correction lenses were made, which are neat little circular units with a black frame. I have seen very few of these, but the Miranda accessory eyepiece cup appears to have a removeable retaining ring which would allow the the inclusion of a thin correction lens. I've seen brand-x accessory eyepiece cups for Miranda which accept lenses the same way. For the dx-3, Miranda sold fixed rectangular little lenses much like the Minolta correction lenses, which clip discreetly into the viewfinder.