Deviant Models

Early production run, special limited editions,
versions for particular markets....


The more models I find, the more permutations which I seem to find around them. Most variations were of limited production, although functionality may be the same as the mainstream models. I'm most appreciative to other Miranda enthusiasts for contributions and illustrations for this page. Enjoy the surprises as we find more...

Miranda T(ii)
A second version of the T with different cosmetics appeared towards the end of the model run. This used the later prism with leatherette inserts, common to all following models. Unique cosmetic identifiers were the recessed knobs with black enamel, and a black shutter dial. This version was not sold in the USA.

Tii_rfr_thqtr_lq.jpg (39070 bytes)

Model D
Changeover from the hexagonal-ended body casting to the rounded end model was done early during the run of the model D.   Click for detailed images on a separate page.

D_hex_top_lq.jpg (37189 bytes)

Miranda TM II
The differences between the second version of the Miranda TM and this TM II may be subtle, but the name firmly engraved on the front plate definitely qualifies it as a separate production model.

Tm_ii.jpg (30413 bytes)

Pallas TM
Miranda produced a series of M42 mount cameras towards the end of the Sensomat series production, when it became clear that compatibility with other lenses was needed to attract buyers more confident with mainstream lens mounts. The Pallas was marketed for the German market in particular, and is functionally the same as the Miranda TM.

Pallas_TM_pair_fr_lq.jpg (54913 bytes)

Sensorex II, first version
This Sensorex II appears to be an early version, using the original RH top plate from the Sensorex, and the Roman "II" identification on the front plate instead. This camera has the new prism of the Sensorex EE and Sensorex II.

 Srex_II_proto_fr_lq.jpg (39689 bytes)

Coloured Sensoret
OK, so the little Sensoret appeared in more colours than just chrome and black covers. Apart from this beige example, there were also dark green and blue variants, and an all-black version with enamelled top and bottom plates.

Sensoret_beige_fr.jpg (34223 bytes)