Really Rare Mirandas

An unashamed presentation of hard to find Mirandas
or accessories of historical  importance.

  Supreme_bellows.jpg (57056 bytes) Orion Focabell Outfit
Orion Camera Co.'s early products included the MIRAX housing, which provided a mirror housing on the front of Leica, Canon, Nikon or Contax rangefinder cameras. The ultimate outfit supplied would be similar to this treasure, which features the MIRAX housing, matching FOCABELL bellows, and SUPREME 105mm f3.5 short mount lens, all in a red timber presentation box. The custom prism housing was additional, and the first ever offered with this type of reflex housing.

Supreme_outfit.jpg (35733 bytes) orion_mirax_prism.jpg (25201 bytes)

Much sought after Contax to Leica Adaptor.

This is an example of the Contax to Leica screw mount adaptor, from both sides, showing the rangefinder cam at the back.  The Nikon mount was almost identical, and is identified by having a 'Nikon' inscription.

It has been reported that other makers have copied this adaptor at later times, although Mr. Ogihara was the first to make the design work. For much more detailed information and illustrations on this accessory, we suggest linking to Stephen Gandy's page covering the Orion version and other makers solving this problem:

orion_nikonleica_ring.jpg (84921 bytes)

The story concerning the fabled motor wind for the dx-3 is that a pilot run of 50 were built, but suffered performance problems relating to inconsistent frame spacing. Three speeds were provided, and a matching accessory 250 exposure back.

Alas, according to rumour only ten or so ever made it to the public. Any reader with additional information, please let us know; this would be a great find....

dx3_w_motor_30m_websize.jpg (70496 bytes)