Mirax Housings

The earliest equipment produced by the Miranda Camera Company were accessory reflex housings and adaptors for rangefinder cameras.

The Mirax reflex housing model A was for Leica screw mount cameras. It was modelled after the Leica and Canon housings of the time. The model B was for Contax mount cameras.  Miranda offered interchangeable waist level, eye level and magnifying finders for these housings. A selection of different sized levers were included in the housing kits for connecting to the shutter release of each camera.

Very early housings were labelled "Orion Camera Co.", later ones "Miranda Camera Co." Miranda also offered matching bellows units to be used with short mount lenses.

One of the most sought after accessories is an adaptor to allow the use of Contax rangefinder lenses on a Leica screw mount camera, complete with rangefinder coupling.

Enjoy the illustrations below...

or_mir_2.jpg (31416 bytes)
A rare Orion Mirax outfit, complete in original timber box. The housing has a magnifying finder in place, with the optional eye level finder shown alongside. The adjustable shutter button connectionlevers are shown on the right side.
Close up of the eyelevel prism for this outfit....                ... and a standard Miranda Mirax housing
                                                                                                      with waist level finder

Or_mir_1.jpg (25201 bytes)              mirax_1.jpg (22713 bytes)