Favorite Mirandas

Particular cameras or accessories I have liked
best over the years, my personal choices :-)


Black Sensorex EE

In many ways, I feel the Sensorex EE represents one of the high points of Miranda production. Finish was excellent; the degree of sophistication of the automation was leading edge for the time, and twenty five years later, this model is often found working perfectly. It is a big camera, heavy, and imparts a feeling of quality. Perhaps there is not the ultimate lasting quality of a Leicaflex SL of the same period, but looking at the pictures of the beauty at right shows how good the black Sensorex EE looked when new. This example is NIB, never had a film in it; a rare find by any standards.

.. and then there's the dx-3 accessory we all should have :-)

Blk_ee_2.jpg (24905 bytes)

blk_EE_4.jpg (30429 bytes)
Blk_ee_1.jpg (55329 bytes) dx3_belt_buckle_lq.jpg (41637 bytes)
Gt_2.jpg (41482 bytes) Model G is deservedly regarded as a landmark camera for Miranda. It had many of the attributes of system cameras, and was even labelled by some reviewers as "the poor man's Nikon F".

Advanced features included user-interchangeable screens, mirror lockup, and an oversize mirror with retracting action. Soon after release, the TTL prism was made available, with EV range of 4 to 18, and the new f1.4 lens also made for the Sensorex.

The black finished version looked particularly handsome and represents a well made, well balanced user camera which felt good and handle, and was very versatile in use.

Be aware- after thirty years, the mirror operating cam lubricant used tends to dry up on this model in particular, and the mirror jams.