Black Finish Mirandas

Like every major manufacturer, Miranda produced 
many of their models in black finish....


For early models, the percentage manufactured in black was quite  small, and the finish was of the applied black enamel type which tended to wear fairly readily at the edges in particular. Later Mirandas provided black finish versions also, up to the dx-3 where it appears that the majority of production was in black finish (although production numbers are not apparently available).   The collection below is from various enthusiasts who have specialized in finding and displaying the black bodied models, and is presented in vaguely chronological order.  Later models such as the RE II and dx-3 were much more commonly found in black finish.

It is interesting to note that the original Phoenix prototype also had a black finish variant - by legend, the one example known is kept with the Pentax museum in Japan. 

Model C
The first black model we have seen.  Click for detailed images on a separate page.

C_black_fr_rhs_small.jpg (1918 bytes)

Model DR
Similar finish with the DR, although in the one example I've seen, the black finish was not as even as expected. Never seen a black D, either. Click for detailed images on a separate page.

DRii_blk_top_lfr_thqtr_lq_small.jpg (2495 bytes)

Model G.
Classic. Miranda's model G was sometimes touted as the poor man's Nikon F, so the most desireable version in 1967 was, of course, this delightful all-black edition. When supplied with a T meter prism, the prism was also black finished. The preceding model F was also available in black finish (sold as FB model) , and also the following Fv.

G_blk_fr.jpg (34582 bytes)

Model S
The S model was offered as an economy model in 1959, so this black example is definitely rare. Finish is solid, on this camera, is actually stronger than the somewhat flaky chrome often found on chrome "S" cameras.

 S_594890_blk_fr_thqtr_2.jpg (84400 bytes)

Sensomat, Sensomat RE, and RE II
Follow-on models from G but with TTL metering, these cameras look similar and present very consistently in black finish. Click for detailed images on a separate page.

SmatRE_rfr_thqtr_lq_small.jpg (2289 bytes)

Only the last two versions of the Sensorex have been seen in black. This is a Sensorex C, identified by the fixed back hinge instead of the removeable back in earlier versions.

SensxC_blk_fr_top_lq.jpg (62265 bytes)

Sensorex II
Very similar in finish and style to the EE introduced at the same time.

SensxII_blk_top_fr_thqtr_lq.jpg (47786 bytes)

EE and EE-2
Miranda's last new fully new mechanical design, these big, beautifully finished make exceptional collector items in good condition.  Click for detailed images on a separate page.

blk_ee2_rfr_thqtr_lq_small.jpg (2565 bytes)

Sensoret Treasures
Worth the hunt if you are into collecting more than the basic Sensoret. How practical are these lenses in practice?  Don't expect normal Miranda versitality and professional easy of use from these accessories.. but they certainly look luxurious on this all black camera.

sensoret_tele_lq2.jpg (48996 bytes)