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The Miranda Cadius is a separate hand held meter, made in two versions. 

CADIUS I Meter JPG images of Cadius II Instruction Booklet

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  • Two stage metering; lower scale -4EV to EV7, high EV7 to EV17
  • Metering angle 30 degrees, with a small reflex viewfinder
  • One PX625 mercury battery
  • All Cadius meters came in a solid leather case. 


Note the white operating switch on the right hand side, which has a three position operation. Pushing the switch to the first detent measures light, using the high or low scale according to where the dial is set. The second detent position provides for zero adjustment; and the final detent position is a battery check. This mechanism is apparently very similar to that found on the Gossen Sixtomat. Turning the exposure dial automatically brings in the appropriate sensitivity range.

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A lightly upgraded model to the first Cadius, the most important change was the addition of a 15 degree field of view adaptor. It clipped in front of the meter cell as shown, and the reflex viewfinder shows four little corners to delineate the reduced field of view. While not a true spot meter, this makes the Cadius II a most useful general purpose meter - I still use mine for slower work with non-metered 6x6 cameras. 

cadiusII_top_big_lq.jpg (80440 bytes) cadiusII_base_big_lq.jpg (74308 bytes)
The 15 degree viewfinder clips in front of the measuring cell, and does not need exposure compensation. Corners for the reduced field of view can be clearly seen in the illustration at right. 

cadiusII_vfinder_lq.jpg (21571 bytes)      cadiusII_vf.jpg (29565 bytes)

Comparison between Cadius I and II fronts shows the differences, which are really fairly minor. Both meters have an incident light slide for using the meter in this manner. The main control button functions in the same manner. 

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