Attached and Prism Meters

Prism meters for any non-metered Miranda, and two types of attached meter for the F and G series. 


Meter Prisms Miranda capitalized on the system's interchangeable finders for meter prisms as early as 1964, with the introduction of the FM metered prism (right). Shortly after the introduction of the Miranda G, a TTL prism was made available in 1967 as the Miranda GT (centre) which provided stop down, uncoupled metering.

This prism also fitted all early Mirandas from T through to F, effectively converting them to basic TTL cameras as well.  The standard prism is shown for comparison at left.
.vf_mtrs_2.jpg (20817 bytes)

Attached Meters for models F, Fv, G
For the Model F, Miranda initially offered a fairly large, cumbersome unit typical of the era. The mounting bracket went around the shutter release button, and the whole thing was stabilized by clipping to the shutter dial. Compared to the FM model released soon afterwards, it's very bulky.
(illustration to follow)
mir_g_meter.jpg (65027 bytes) With the advent of the model G, a much more compact meter was developed. This fitted neatly over the right hand top plate, and held in place using a stud mounted in the sketch release socket. The standard shutter dial was made removeable (shown in illustration) so the meter dial provided the shutter dial instead. To see the counter, a port and tube through the meter was provided. In my experience, this is an a pretty useless arrangement - the counter is almost impossible to see. This meter also fits the Fv.

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