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Last updated: 05/14/04

Welcome to our site introducing Mirandas. This site features tables and illustrations to aid in Miranda camera identification, as well as more detailed model, lenses, and accessory information.

Miranda cameras were a line of quality 35mm single lens reflexes, a range of over 30 models between first prototypes in 1953 through to the last production model in 1978. Many had advanced or sophisticated features for their day. Almost all Miranda SLR's shared the same basic lens mount, but the mount complexity increased over the years to accommodate more aperture and metering controls.

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The Miranda Historical Society (MHS) was established in 1986 to provide a forum for collectors and to collect and discuss information concerning all aspects of these cameras.This site is also a point of focus and includes detailed articles and research as well as basic information. Please see the MHS Intro page.

Email to MirandaCameraInfo is welcomed for comments or needs from this site, additional information, or error corrections. I can also assist with more detailed identifications.

I am very pleased to thank various MIRANDA enthusiasts for their contributions in illustrations (particularly, since I don't have it all), and additions and corrections to the information on this site.

For the Dixons branded 'Miranda' cameras and accessories, I have started to add information as available. This equipment has nothing in common with Miranda Camera Co. products, except the name. Some SLR cameras are noted in 'Model Detail' and the instruction book for the flashgun CT700 is available in Accessories - Flashguns.


We have re-established the Miranda Historical Society and its periodical Newletter and this web site as its records. The original founder of MHS, Mr. Tom Surovek,  TomSurovek@aol.com is supporting our efforts. A new CD for MHS members showing the current site, old newsletters, and a wider range of images, is planned for release by mid 2004.

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